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Note: Hands-On classes listed in blue text
Green text are classes suggested for beginners


(Due to renovation work in the
Fellowship Hall we have had to
cancel the Aug 28 Meeting)

Next General Meeting
Monday ~ Sept 25
No Admission / Open to the Public
Social Hour 6-7pm / Meeting Begins 7pm


Linux Lecture rescheduled to August 30 @ 7pm

Memcom Meets August 21 @ 10am



August 21 – Monday

NO Finance Workshop

Open to all Club Members

1 pm: Computerized Sewing Workshop Just Drop-In
The Computerized Sewing Workshop is comprised of people who share their love of sewing and embroidery.  Each month a different technique or project is demonstrated by one of the members.  After the demo, all are encouraged to participate in a “Show and Tell” session to display and explain their latest creations.  Won't you join us?
Just drop in if you have an interest.
Moderator: Norma Winner

August 22 – Tuesday

1 pm: Learning About Your Kindle Fire Drop In
This class will help you get started using your Kindle Fire. Bring your Kindle to class and play along.

We will cover having an email account, so you can use your Amazon account to download items you want to purchase. We will spend time finding our way around the Kindle; and practice adding apps and customizing settings. Questions and input are encouraged. We all learn more this way.
Instructor: Pat Turek

August 23 – Wednesday

10 am: Get Started With Your Computer, (4 Of 4)
File & Folder Management, And Maintenance For Your Computer, Just Drop-In

We will continue with new folders and explore file and folder management. This will help you organize your files and folders so that you can back up everything to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external hard drive. Finally we will explore Computer Maintenance: how to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1 pm: Explore Texting and Be Good At It Just Drop In
One hears so much about texting. Come and explore how easy it is to do. Learn what there is to know about it, and practice with your classmates.
Instructor: Brigitte Haag

August 24 – Thursday

10 am: Using Your iPad (7 of 8) Just Drop In
Let's look at some of the apps that come preinstalled on your iPad as well as others available from the app store.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1 pm: Using Windows 10 Just Drop-In (7 of 8)
Today, we will look at several features that come with your Windows 10. Cortana, Task View, and, we will talk about Windows Hello (only available on computers designed for it). Maintenance of your computer will also be covered.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

August 25 - Friday

10 am: Help for our Members Just Drop In
First come, first served.
No PC Problems 10 am until noon
Need help using Windows, email, etc. Also help using iPad and other tablets – First come, first served.
(No Computer problems. Saturday morning techie help requires appointment.)

1 pm: Android Tablet Workshop Just Drop In
Trying to figure out how to do something on your Android Tablet? Here's your chance to find out. The Android tablet workshop is a place for all Android tablet users to get together and figure out / learn how to do things on your tablet. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to contribute their problems and ‘how to' knowledge, rather than sit through a preplanned lecture.
Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

August 28 – Monday


August 30 – Wednesday

10 am: Get Started With Your Computer (1 Of 4)
Learn The Parts Of The Computer Just Drop-In

If you recently received a PC, perhaps as a gift, and are intimidated by it or were told, “Now we can e-mail each other”, but don't know where to start, this class might be for you. This class is designed for the person who has never used a computer before.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1 pm: Power Point for Fun
PowerPoint Shows don't need to be boring text with bullets. See how using images and clipart, animations and sound off your best photos in stunning slide shows. PowerPoint or Open Office Impress should be installed on your Laptop so you get most out of the 2nd hour.
Instructor: Brigitte Haag

7 pm: Get the cob webs out of your computer…! Just Drop-In
Feeling helpless when your computer is sluggish?  Do you feel even worse when you learn that you must have someone else come in and fix it for you…often at considerable cost?  There's good news!  You can fix most of these problems yourself.  Learn how in this class.  We call it “getting the cob webs out”.  You'll learn there's software available, most of which is free, to clear out those cob webs.  You'll learn that after the first time, applying this software, most issues with poor performance, improve significantly. Do it yourself, with confidence. It's easier than you may think. 

You only need to learn 4 things in this class:

1. Understand what's happening in your PC and why.

2. Where to find free or inexpensive software online to address it.

3. How to apply the software - successfully and safely. 

4. How to maintain your computer to keep it running at top performance.
Instructor: Dave Fetter.

7pm: Linux, The FREE Alternative to Windows
Linux, an alternative to Windows for an operating system.  This Linux system has most all of the features of Windows, but with less problems.  Attend this lecture and learn all about the features and benefits.
Instructor: Bob Liebl

August 31 – Thursday

10 am: Using Your iPad (8 of 8) Just Drop In
Previously presented as a separate lecture. We have all heard of iTunes and associate it strictly with purchasing music and videos. However, the iTunes app has some other features that every iPad user should be aware of – even if you never purchase anything from the iTunes store.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1 pm: Using Windows 10 Just Drop-In (8 of 8)
This week we will look at OneDrive - Microsoft's free online file storage service. Use it to store or share documents and pictures. Once you have a Microsoft email account, you also have a OneDrive account.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione









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