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Welcome Board of Directors 2017

What's Coming Up At Our Club This Week !

Note: Hands-On classes listed in blue text
Green text are classes suggested for beginners

No Admission / Open to the Public
Social Hour 6-7pm / Meeting Begins 7pm

Guest Speaker

Matt Curtis, Branch Mgr


TOPIC: Security & ID Theft

Jan 23 – Monday

5:00: EXPO 2017 - No Classes today

Jan 24 – Tuesday

1 pm: Basic Windows 10 (4 of 4)
Instructor: Gray Alexander
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

10 am: Using Your Android Phone HnH Just Drop-In
There is a lot to know about the Android Phone if you are new to them - or thinking of getting one. It's much more than just a phone. There's a GPS built in to guide you where you are going, get your email, set up an appointment calendar with reminders, browse the internet, and so much more. We can help you learn your way around this wonderful device.
Instructor: Ross Schnarrenberger

Jan 25 – Wednesday

10 am: Get Started With Your Computer (3 Of 4) Cut, Copy & Paste Just Drop-In
In this session, you will learn how to copy and paste, which will enable you to copy anything you find on the internet and then save it in a file on your computer. Did you find a good recipe or maybe a joke that you would like to save. You will also learn how to make a new folder. Week 4 of Getting Started scheduled for Feb 1.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1 pm: Basic Windows 10 (4 of 4)
Instructor: Mich Morin
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

1 pm: Download Free Music And Books Just Drop In
Learn how to download free music and books to your computer and enjoy it on different forms of media.  Learn how to create CDs, put music or books onto your iPads, Android Tablets, MP3 players and other devices.  If you have basic knowledge of your computer, this is a class you won't want to miss.
Instructor: Ron Dakin

7 pm: Linux, The FREE Alternative to Windows Just Drop In
Linux, an alternative to Windows for an operating system.  This Linux system has most all of the features of Windows, but with less problems.  Attend this lecture and learn all about the features and benefits
.Instructor: Bob Liebl

7 pm: Get the cob webs out of your computer…! Just Drop-In
Feeling helpless when your computer is sluggish?  Do you feel even worse when you learn that you must have someone else come in and fix it for you…often at considerable cost?  There's good news!  You can fix most of these problems yourself.  Learn how in this class.  We call it “getting the cob webs out”.  You'll learn there's software available, most of which is free, to clear out those cob webs.  You'll learn that after the first time, applying this software, most issues with poor performance, improve significantly. Do it yourself, with confidence. It's easier than you may think. 

You only need to learn 4 things in this class:
1. Understand what's happening in your PC and why.
2. Where to find free or inexpensive software online to address it.
3. How to apply the software - successfully and safely.
4. How to maintain your computer to keep it running at top performance.   

Instructor: Dave Fetter.

Jan 26 – Thursday

10 am: Introduction to the iPad (4 of 8) Just Drop In
Apple's answer to Internet Explorer. Learn your way around the Safari web browser. Create bookmarks, and favorites. Working with tabs. Email links.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

10 am: Using Yahoo Mail Just Drop-In
Yahoo mail will cover the basics of setting up a yahoo account, sending and receiving emails, including attachments.. It will also teach you how to read individual messages, filter email, empty spam and trash, how to mark a message as spam, how to create lists and how to manage most of your other email accounts through yahoo.
Instructor: Sal Rotella, Jr

1 pm: Basic Windows 10 (4 of 4)
Instructor: Bob Liebl
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

1 pm: Using Windows 10, Just Drop-In (4 of 8)
The new Settings menu is actually an extension of the Control Panel. We will take a look at it today. If time permits we will make a brief comparison between Settings and the original Control Panel.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

Jan 27 – Friday  

10 am: Help for our Members Just Drop In
First come, first served.
No PC Problems 10 am until noon

Need help using Windows, email, etc. Also help using iPad and other tablets – First come, first served.
(No Computer problems. Saturday morning techie help requires appointment.)

1 pm: Using The Android Tablet HnH - Drop-In Session 4 of 4
Do you have an Android (Google) tablet? Join us for this Half and Half class. Get to know the capabilities of your tablet, and be pleasantly surprised what it can do for you.
Using the Gallery for your photos, playing music, and connecting to your PC - wired and wirelessly. You can transfer photos and videos between your tablet and your PC.
Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

Jan 30 – Monday

1 pm: Computerized Sewing Workshop Just Drop-In
The Computerized Sewing Workshop is comprised of people who share their love of sewing and embroidery.  Each month a different technique or project is demonstrated by one of the members.  After the demo, all are encouraged to participate in a “Show and Tell” session to display and explain their latest creations.  Won't you join us?
Just drop in if you have an interest.
Moderator: Norma Winner

Jan 31 - Tuesday

10 am: Setting up Skype Just Drop-in
See how video chatting with Skype works and let us help you to get set up.
Instructor: Dave Lemon

1 pm: Gadget Workshop Just Drop-In
This workshop deals with all the modern gadgets being sold today. iPads, SmartPhones, digital cameras just to name a few. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring one of their gadgets they may need help with. Between all that are present we hope to be able to share ideas and solve problems that will benefit everybody attending. Join us with your favorite gadget!
Facilitator: Pat Turek




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