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(NOTE) Blue text denotes our Hands-On Classes 

Green Text denotes our Classes suggest for our very beginners

HnH Classes, You watch, listen and learn the first hour, then you do it on your own device durring the second hour.

What's Coming Up This Week At Our Club:

Monday, February 23, 2015

1 pm: Genealogy Searches & Tips with Family Tree Maker Just Drop-In
Learn about the on-line genealogy resources of, MyHeritage, Geni, Family Search and others. Use Family Tree Maker to record what you find, to document your sources and to prepare and print a report or chart. Share your research with friends and family. Instructor: Ron Conkle

1 pm: iPad, (4 of 4) Instructor: Brigitte Haag Hands-On, Registration Required
Call club 684-7171

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 am: Using Windows 7, The FREE Stuff, HnH Just Drop-In
(Half lecture, half hands-on on your own laptop)
All the FREE stuff that comes with your Windows 7. Wordpad, an impressive calculator, Character map, Sticky Notes, the Snipping tool, Import your photos using Windows, and the newest Windows Media Player. Ron Purkhiser

10 am: Basic Windows 8.1 (4 of 4) Instructor: Gray Alexander
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

1 pm: Google, Gmail Questions & Answers, Just Drop-In
This special class is to answer your questions about Google or Gmail. Please have a Gmail account and password when you arrive. We can discuss email, customizing Google, the calendar, etc. There's a lot to cover, let's have fun learning. Instructor: Pat Turek

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 am: Get Started with your computer, File & Folder Management, and Maintenance for Your Computer, Just Drop-In
We will continue with new folders and explore file and folder management. This will help you organize your files and folders so that you can back up everything to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external hard drive.. Finally we will explore Computer Maintenance: how to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly. Instructor: Norma Winner

1 pm: Using Windows for the very beginner, Just drop-In
This class explains the concept of Windows through an introduction of the Internet and shows through hands-on approach how to open a browser, go to a specific website and navigate a website. Instructor: Charleen Scime

1 pm: Avoid Viruses and Malware, Just Drop-In
There are so many pitfalls to be aware of now days when using email or browsing the internet. During this class we hope to show you many of these, how to avoid them, and cleaning up the mess they sometimes leave. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

7 pm: XBOX gaming Just Drop-In
I am sure you have heard about the XBox games, or have seen your grand children jumping around before the TV set. Anyway let us introduce you to the possibilities of the Game console and see why this can be fun for everybody. We will show you how to set it up and play a few games for you to watch or participate...... Brigitte Haag facilitating.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

10 am: What's New in Windows 8.1, The Microsoft Store & Using Apps, Just Drop-In
In this four week series, we will take a look at changes that have taken place in the Windows operating system with the latest upgrade to Windows 8. This is not a class for the beginning computer user. If you came to this lecture series before you may want to revisit to get the latest changes. If you still want a Start Menu, find out where you can get one. A collection of topics and a question answer period (if time permits).

10 am: Basic Photoshop Elements (4 of 4) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On
Just Drop-In $5 per session No Pre-registration Required

1 pm: iTunes – More Than Just Music, Just Drop-In
Most people know iTunes as a website to download music. But, that isn’t all you can do with this Apple feature. Yes you can download music and videos. But you can also back up your iPad, or update your iPad. Check out those apps you’ve download for updates. Rip music from your CDs to share among your Apple devices. And this is just the beginning. Instructor: Joann Frucchione.

1 pm: Advanced Photoshop Elements (4 of 4) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On
Just Drop-In 5 per session No Pre-Registration Required

7 pm: Clean the cobwebs out of your computer… Just Drop in
Feeling helpless when your computer is sluggish?  Do you feel even worse when you learn that you must have someone else come in and fix it, for you…often at considerable cost?  There’s good news!  You can fix most of these problems yourself.  Learn how in this class.  We call it “getting the cob webs out”.  You’ll learn there’s software available, most of which is free, to clear out those cob webs.  You’ll learn that after the first time, applying this software, most issues with poor performance, improve significantly. Do it, yourself, with confidence. It’s all easier than you may think.  You only need to learn 4 things in this class.  1. Understand what’s happening in your PC and why. 2. Where to find free or inexpensive software online to address it. 3. How to apply the software, successfully and safely.  4. How to maintain your computer to keep it running at top performance.   Instructor: Dave Fetter.

Friday, February 27, 2015

10 am: Using the Android tablet, The Playstore, Using the Internet & The Camera, HnH Just Drop-In
Do you have an Android (Google) tablet? Join for this Half and Half class, get to know the capabilities of your tablet and be pleasantly surprised what it all can do for you. Exploring the Calendar, Camera, visiting the PlayStore and browsing the internet. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

10 am: Photo Gallery HnH, Just Drop-In
Did you know your Windows comes with a program named Photo Gallery?? It's the easiest way to fix photos, tag photos and search for photos or people in your photos. Instructor: Brigitte Haag

1 pm: Introduction to Computer with Windows 8.1, "Selecting" & Anti-Virus & Malware Protection (HnH) Just Drop-In
This will be for the very beginners, learn to use your computer with the new Windows 8.  Today we look at "selecting" and "copy and pasting" again. Then we'll discuss protecting your computer from the various threats you are exposed to when browsing the internet and even using your email. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

1 pm: Maintenance and Security for your PC Just Drop-In
PCs are complicated machines and they need weekly and monthly clean ups to keep them running at full speed. The available Windows maintenance tools, and security settings for Internet Explorer and e-mail will be discussed and demonstrated. Firewalls, antivirus and antispyware software will be discussed; they are important components of a package of tools that help keep a computer healthy and running well.   Instructor: Gray Alexander 





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