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What's Coming Up At Our Club This Week !

General Meeting Monday ~ January 22
No Admission / Open to the Public
Social Hour 6-7pm / Meeting Begins 7



A History of Hernando Computer Club

presented by

Pat Turek



New Class Fees Effective January 1

Drop In Classes & Workshops - $3

Friday Morning Help Sessions - $5

Hands On Classes – no change

One-On-One Tutoring – no change


Hands-On classes listed in blue text
Beginners suggested classes listed in green text


Jan 22 – Monday


Social Hour 6 – 7pm
Meeting begins at 7pm

(We are back in the Fellowship Hall
at Grace Presbyterian . )

Jan 23 – Tuesday

10:00am – Window 10 Hands On (3 of 4)
Instructor: Gray Alexander
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171


1:00pm – Family Treemaker/Roots Magic Drop In
Interested in Genealogy? Come in and learn how to use Family Tree Maker/Root Magic software to research and document your family history. Bring your laptop and our group will assist you in getting started or overcome obstacles.
Instructor: Merle Wagner

1:00pm – Using Your iPhone Drop In
Get started learning your way around the apps on your iPhone. You can phone, text and email from your phone. This is just a few of the apps on the Apple iPhone. Be sure to bring along you Apple ID and password. Also charge you phone before the class.
Instructor: Pat Turek

Jan 24 – Wednesday

10:00am – Getting Started With Your Computer (4 of 4) Drop In
File & Folder Management, And Maintenance For Your Computer

We will continue with new folders and explore file and folder management. This will help you organize your files and folders so that you can back up everything to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external hard drive.. Finally we will explore Computer Maintenance: how to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1:00pm – Window 10 Hands On (3 of 4)
Instructor: Charlene Scime
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

7:00pm – Linux the FREE Alternative to Windows Drop In
Linux is a FREE alternative to Windows for an operating system.  This Linux system has most all of the features of Windows, but with less problems.  Attend this lecture and learn all about the features and benefits.
Instructor: Bob Liebl

7:00pm – Get the Cobwebs Out Of Your Computer Drop In
Feeling helpless when your computer starts to act sluggish? There's good news! You can fix most of those problems yourself. It is not necessary. But feel free to bring your own laptop and follow along while I walk through the steps, using the software. Learn how to “…get the cobwebs out”. The class is aimed to help people at all comfort levels, managing their computers. You'll receive an email after the lecture that will include step by step instructions on how to do exactly the same as demonstrated in the lecture, using free software. Direct links (“Links” will be explained in the lecture) will also be included to save you the trouble of going through the “Google Gauntlet” to find what you want. You will also receive my phone number and email address in the email I send, to contact me, anytime, if you have questions or get stuck.  We can also set up a 1 on 1 session together and work on your computer together.
Instructor: Dave Fetter.

Jan 25 – Thursday

10:00am – Using Your iPad (8 of 8) Drop In
Previously presented as a separate lecture. We have all heard of iTunes and associate it strictly with purchasing music and videos. However, the iTunes app has some other features that every iPad user should be aware of – even if you never purchase anything from the iTunes store.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1:00pm – Using Windows 10 (8 of 8) Drop In
This week we will look at OneDrive - Microsoft's free online file storage service. Use it to store or share documents and pictures. Once you have a Microsoft email account, you also have a OneDrive account. OneDrive is now part of your operating system whether you use it or not.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1:00pm – Using Your Android Phone Drop In
There is a lot to know about the Android Phone if you are new to them - or thinking of getting one. It's much more than just a phone. There's a GPS built in to guide you where you are going, get your email, set up an appointment calendar with reminders, browse the internet, and so much more. We can help you learn your way around this wonderful device.
Instructor: Ross Schnarrenberger

Jan 26 – Friday

10:00 am: HELP FOR OUR MEMBERS Drop In
First come, first served. No PC Problems 10 am until noon Need help using Windows, email, etc. Also help using iPad and other tablets – First come, first served.
(No Computer problems. Saturday morning techie help requires appointment.)

Jan 29 – Monday

1:00pm – Alexa (Amazon Dot) & Podcasts Drop In
A hands-free speaker you control with your voice.  Here is some of the stuff it does...

•  Plays all your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more using just your voice

•  Allows hands-free convenience with voice-control

•  Answers questions, reads audiobooks and the news, reports traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the Alexa Voice Service

•  Controls lights, switches, and thermostats with compatible WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, and ecobee smart home devices

•  can order from Uber, Domino's, and more

Use your Amazon device with Alexa to listen to podcasts.
Instructor: Charlene Scime

Jan 30 – Tuesday

10:00am – Window 10 Hands On (4 of 4)
Instructor: Gray Alexander
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

1:00pm – Using Gmail & the Google Calendar Drop In
Gmail is provided free from Google along with other free products. The purpose of this lecture is to explain how to use your Gmail and Gmail calendar on your smart phone or tablets.

First, it is necessary to create a Gmail account. Hopefully you have already created an account with Google for Gmail. This will help speed up all that needs to be covered.

Second , I will cover some of the ways to customize Gmail.

  • You can tell Gmail to collect your other emails, so that it can all be seen together.

Third , I will show the calendar in Google.

  • Setting up an appointment
  • Repeating the appointment
  • Inviting attendees to your appointment

Finally , I will show how to set your devices up to view Gmail and your calendar.

  • Go to settings in your device
  • Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendar in iPhone. Similar in Android devices.
    Instructor: Pat Turek

Jan 31 – Wednesday

10:00am – Getting Started With Your Computer (1 of 4) Drop In
Learn The Parts Of The Computer

If you recently received a PC, perhaps as a gift, and are intimidated by it or were told, “Now we can e-mail each other”, but don't know where to start, this class might be for you. This class is designed for the person who has never used a computer before.
Instructor: Norma Winner

10:00am – Window 10 Hands On (4 of 4)
Instructor: Charlene Scime
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171









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