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Our Christmas Party

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HnH Classes, You watch, listen and learn the first hour, then you do it on your own device durring the second hour.


What's Coming Up This Week At Our Club:

Monday, December 15, 2014

1pm: Windows 8.1 What you need to know before you get started. HnH, Just Drop In
Windows 8.1 is a very practical program for a variety of computers and you will like it if you overcome the first hurdles. In this class we show you just what you need to get started so you can enjoy your new pc or laptop. Instructor: Brigitte Haag

1 pm: Music Workshop Instructor: Larry Lisle
We will be discussing people in the class and their experiences thru out life involving music. Whether they played, sang, were song writers, support staff or just enjoyed listening, we'd like them to share their stories. I'd also like to bring in local musicians (working or retired) to hear their stories or possibly hear and see a short demonstration of their talents. With 800 plus members in our club, many have musical talents that they might share with us. Music, of course, is the universal language, and I feel the possibilities are endless. I'm certain also that the people in the class will share ideas also as to the direction we might go with the workshop.  Discovering new web sites that play music of all types will certainly be a primary goal. A small session among our own members might even be possible. At any rate it will certainly be a fun learning experience for us all

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 am: Basic Windows 8.1 (4 of 4) Instructor: Gray Alexander
Hands-On, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

1 pm: Picasa Photo Projects, Just Drop-In
Picasa is a free, easy to use photo processing program you can download from Google. It has many of the features you might find in some of the more expensive photo processing software programs. The class consists of downloading your photos from your camera to your computer, editing your photos , printing, emailing, creating folders of your favorite photos, creating collages, just to name a few features this program has to offer. Instructor: Ron Dakin.

1 pm: Gadget Workshop Just Drop-In
This workshop will deal with all the modern gadgets being sold today. I-Pads, SmartPhones, Digital cameras just to name a few. Everyone attending is encouraged to being one of their gadgets you may need help with. Between all that are present we hope to be able to share ideas and explanations that will benefit everybody attending. Join us with your favorite gadget ! Facilitator: Pat Turek

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10 am: Get Started with your computer ( 3 of 4) Just Drop-In
In this session, you will learn how to copy and paste, which will enable you to copy anything you find on the internet and then save it in a file on your computer. Did you find a good recipe or maybe a joke that you would like to save. You will also learn how to make a new folder. Instructor: Norma Winner

1 pm: Introduction to Computer with Windows 8.1 (HnH) (8 of 8) Just Drop-In
(Half lecture, half hands-on on your own laptop)
This will be for the very beginners, learn to use your computer with the new Windows 8.1.
Today we look at "All about music CD's" and some maintenance to keep your computer running at it best. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

1 pm: Android Phone Basics (HnH) Just Drop-In
(Half lecture, half hands-on on your own phone)

There is a lot to know about the Android Phone if you are new to them or thinking of getting one. It’s much more than just a phone, a GPS built in to guide you where you are going, Get your email, Set up an appointment calendar with reminders, Browse the internet and so much more. We can help you learn about this wonderful device. Instructor: Ross Schnarrenberger

7 pm: Linux, The FREE Alternative to Windows Just Drop-In
Linux, an alternative to Windows for an operating system.  This Linux system has most all of the features of Windows, but with fewer problems.  Attend this lecture and learn all about the features and benefits. Instructor: Bob Liebl

7 pm: How to have a FREE website Just Drop-In
Google gives us so many free things, why not take advantage. Have a free Website, free Web building tools and more....... I the first hour you will see how to log in, how to ad pages and place photos, text and links onto your Webpages. In the second hour you will log in  and start building your own Website. Bring your laptop fully charged, have some pictures and text ready to be used. Also set up a gmail account for your self and make sure you know your password. Ready set go!
Instructor: Brigitte Haag

Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 am: iPad Lecture (3 of 3) Just Drop-In
The class will cover iPad basics along with a few advanced techniques to expand your use of your iPad. Instructor: Joann Frucchione

10 am: Basic Photoshop Elements (2 of 2) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On
Just Drop-In $5 per session No Pre-registration Required

1 pm: WPS OFFICE SUITE (formerly Kingsoft), Just drop in.
A free office suite with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software programs, WPS has been around for many years – was formerly known as Kingsoft. With the advent of mobile devices, this office suite, originally developed for use with Windows computers (based on MS Office 2007), is now available as an app for your favorite mobile device as well - iOS for iPhone or iPad, and a version for Android . We will be looking at the Windows and mobile version in this lecture. Download WPS Office from Make sure you download the free version. Mobile versions are available from your mobile device’s app store. The pro version is available for $70 with a license to use it on up to three computers. Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1 pm: Advanced Photoshop Elements (2 of 2) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On
Just Drop-In 5 per session No Pre-Registration Required

Friday, December 19, 2014

1 pm: Windows 8.1 File Explorer & The EZ New Backup Feature, Just Drop-in
In 8.1 the Windows Explorer is now called the File Explorer. It is the Window in which you navigate around in your PC and in the Cloud (if you use a cloud account) Enjoy seeing the improvements and its features. You will also be introduced to the new: File History. This is a great new way to back up all your files fully automatically each time you turn on your PC. Just plug in a large flash drive or any storage device. Instructor: Brigitte Haag

1 pm: Facebook WorkshopJust Drop-in Let’s try and figure out how to do things on Facebook that you are having problems with.  Not Recommended for those new to computers.  Facilitator: Linda Aliff

Monday, December 22, 2014 -- No Classes

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 am: Get Started with your computer (4 of 4) Just Drop-In
We will continue with new folders and explore file and folder management. This will help you organize your files and folders so that you can back up everything to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external hard drive.. Finally we will explore Computer Maintenance: how to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly. Instructor: Norma Winner


Merry Christmas Everybody!
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

Our club will be closed from Dec. 24 th until Jan. 5 th, 2015





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