from left: Brigitte Haag,Pete McEntee, Joann Frucchione, Ron Purkhiser, Pat Benedict, Bill Fisher, Debby McCully,
Sal Rotella, Jr., Dave Lemon

Front from left: Rebecca Walker, Roy Smith Ron Conkle, Pat Turek, Gail Hines

Not pictured: Angela Bennet

OFFICERS for 2018

President, Sal Rotella, Jr.
 Vice President, Dave Lemon
Secretary, Gail Hines
Treasurer, Pat Turek

DIRECTORS for 2018

Program Director—Royal Conkle/Dave Lemon
Communications Director-Pete McEntee
Membership Director-Pat Benedict
Gardening Committee - Rebecca Walker

Social Events Director—-vacant
Education Director—Joann Frucchione
Facilities Director—vacant
Community Service—Gail Hines
Director-at-Large—Angela Bennett
Director-at-Large—Debbie McCully
Director-at-Large--Pete McEntee

Director-at-Large--Roy Smith
Director-at-Large--Bill Fisher
Director-at-Large--Dave Lemon
Past President--Brigitte Haag

Other Functions

Website: Sal Rotella, Jr., Ron Purkhiser, Joann Frucchione, Keith Swango
Nominations Chairman: vacant
Parliamentarian: vacant
Hands-on Class Coordination: Debby McCully
Photography: Ron Purkhiser
Facilities Coordination: Gray Alexander

Information Distribution: Cathie Swango
Telephone Committee: Pete McEntee
Kitchen Management: Gail Hines
Computer Donations: Gray Alexander

Garden Committee: Rebecca Walker
Club Phone: Sal Rotella, Jr., Ron Purkhiser


Gray Alexander Norma Winner Bob Liebl
Joann Frucchione Dave Fetter Ross Schnarrenberger
Brigitte Haag Ken Krueger Mich Morin
Ron Purkhiser Dave Lemon Charleen Scime
Rebecca Walker Kearney Sheirich Pat Turek
Sal Rotella, Jr. Ron Conkle  


Gray Alexander
John Angus
Walter Baechelen
Mark Maus
Ron Purkhiser
Sal Rotella,Jr.
Charlene Scime
Roy Smith
Keith Swango


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Genealogy with Bunny Ryczek
Linux with
Bob Liebl
Computerized Sewing
with Norma Winner
Adv. Photoshop Elements with Mich Morin

All About Food with Kearney Sheirich
Finance with Larry Lisle
MS Word/Excel with Ron Conkle
Android Tablet with Ron Purkhiser

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Spring Hill, Florida
Tel (352) 684-7171