Our lectures are held in the "Hall". There is a brand new PC in the demo cart and a new projector project the monitor onto a large screen. We have plenty of space, chairs and tables. sometimes we have 2 or 3 persons and sometimes 80 or 90 persons coming to an featured event or Membership meeting.

Lecture classes cost $2 payable at he door when you come in.

Our lab is the only hand-on facilty open to the members in the surrounding counties. Hands-on Learning is most effective way of learning.

Hands-On classes are held in the Lab. This is a room next to the front door. We have 5 stations for Members taking a class and a 6th station for the instructor to demonstrate. A projector also shows whats on the monitor so all can see it well.

In order to take classes you place your name on the waiting list and as soon we have enough persons we will call you if you can take the class as scheduled. Then you will have to mail in your check right away to secure your spot.

Our lab PC are dual boot. That means the instrucotr can choose to operate the PCs as XP or Vista machines. They are now 1 year old and doing great.

Our club is networked so you can acess our unsecured network with your labtop, if you choose to bring it along.

About the Club Facilities Location

Hernando Computer Club, Inc.
8375 Spring Hill Drive, Grace Presbyterian Church, Education Building B
Spring Hill, Florida
Tel (352) 684-7171