Press Room

These are press releases recently submitted to Newspapers. The focus of the articles is very narrow and does not necessarily represent the Clubs main activities, rather
just one of the facets.


Computer Surgery

Under the lead of the Club’s Facility Director, Ron Purkhiser, a program called Computer Surgery was performed as the featured lecture event. Cleverly playing on medical terms, “Techie Doctors” diagnosed that many PCs in the membership had parts that were no longer performing as they should and could benefit from transplant surgery. Pre-Op preparations to determine parts that fit properly and to research where to buy the new or replacement parts was explained.  Then, as the actual “surgery” was performed, a video camera was focused into the open PC and the picture was projected on the big screen for the audience to see the tiniest detail of this delicate procedure. Ron Purkhiser showed how to add RAM to a PC and a laptop, Gray Alexander added some optical drives, like a DVD burner or a BlueRay Disk Burner, and HCC Chief of Computer Surgery, Wolfgang Steinberger, showed how to add a second hard drive as a slave drive or to replace the existing hard drive.  The surgeons hoped not to have to use a Recovery Room but, of course, Post-Op care was given to verify Windows recognized the new devices and no hardware rejection spoiled the outcome. The operation was a success and the patient, an old Dell computer, was given a few more years of useful life.  For more information visit or call 592-0070


2009 Board

Hernando Computer Club Press Release: The new Board for 2009

The Hernando Computer Club elected its new Board for 2009.  After a year of record setting growth and close teamwork of all Board members the new Board will have the hands full to keep up the momentum.  In front from left to right:

Mike Sexton, was reelected and will serve again as Vice President. He is a Data Networking Designer , worked as technical instructor, training course developer with 30+ years in computer data area and Unix trainer. He also instructs Office Programs, Operationg Sustems and more. As technical specialist, he set up the clubs data base, wireless network system and much more.

Terry Ogden, previously Director at Large will be Secretary, he worked 45 years in military and civilian telecommunications and computers. Besides acting as Director and Secretary he also instructs Vista, Speech Recognition and more.

Don Karslake was reelected as President of the club. He was a Sales and Marketing Consultant for several major companies.

George Reilly was Secretary of the club and will serve as Treasurer in the new Year. He also serves as Parlamentarian. He spent forty-seven years in the steamship business retiring as Vice President of Marine Personnel. That title included labor relations with the seagoing unions, hiring and firing of Officers and crew members, and related tasks.

Standing up from left to right:

Jean Hook will serve another year as Membership Department Director. She owned and managed restaurant before she retired. She has been a Representative of Home Owners within several Community locations.

Ron Purkhiser will continue as Facilities Director taking care of all the clubs hardware and location and computer maintenance. He retired from Goodyear after 40 years as production specialist and trainer. He is a versatile instructor teaching Windows XP and Vista, Movie Maker, Records and Tapes, Publisher, Photoshop Elements, Picasa and more. He also is editor of the clubs Newsletter.

Judee Caquelin is new to the Board and will be involved with the Communication Department. After retirement she came here from Maryland where was a retired Federal Contracting Officer.

Robert Alford is also new to the Board. He will be active in the field of Memberhsip. He retired from the auto industry after 23 years in a car dealership.

Nancy Sexton will continue as Program and Community Service Director. She was owner of a computer consulting company for 10 years and before owner of a national franchise for 8 years. She is an instructor in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PrintShop and more.

Clinton Pollit is new to the Board. He is currently working in the technology industry as system analyst already for 15 years. He is also an instructor specialized in Linux and other Open Source software like Open Office and more.

Brigitte Haag continues as Education and Communication Director. In the past she owned a small manufacturing business and now a Website and Real Estate Photography  company. She also is an instructor in Websites Creation, Graphics, Video editing and more….

Lorraine Backey is the outgoing Treasurer. She worked for many years tirelessly for the benefit of the club. The club will miss her.






All Time Record Membership

In October and November, right after the yearly Club Expo, the Hernando Computer the Club membership swells. An all time high record was hit this year with membership counting 527, making it one of the largest computer clubs in Florida. The hardworking Board of Directors is delighted to see such a success. The wide variety of topics offered by the club draws all the interest but the introductory classes are the most attended.

Exciting new ideas for the upcoming year came out of a brain storming session the instructors recently held: how to share your photos and videos online at YouTube, Flikr and similar sites, watch Computer Surgery (how to install new RAM and drives), how to budget in bad times using the free Open Office Calc program, and much more.

Panoramic image
The picture shows the record attendance of the recent Newcomer Orientation lunch. Instructors, in front of the audience, introduce themselves and explain why they enjoy volunteer instructing.

Crowd picture
The picture shows the record attendance of the recent Newcomer Orientation lunch.


June Lectures

June 4, 7pm: Google Earth and other free Google software.
Google offers a variety of free software that anybody can download. Google Earth is a stunning experience if you have not navigated the globe yet. It includes a flight simulator that can be quite challenging. Google Maps and Google Streetview also are interesting and very useful tools. Go sight seeing in the town your grandparent grew up in Hungary as an example. Google calendar another great free program that sends you email to remind you when your next Doctor's apointment is coming up. Picasa is a program that organizes all photos in your PC and let's you easily crop and improve them with stunning results. The last item of the night will be Skype, which recently was purchased by Google. Video chatting, fun and free, will be demonstrated. For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.
June 18, 7pm: How you can have a free Website with free hosting
The Club will hold a lecture on creating a free Website. Microsoft Office Live is one of the Websites that allows you to easily build a Website using their free Website creation tools, then you will be able to also have your Website hosted for free. During this lecture a Website will be assembled from the beginning to the end. You will have learned enough so you can at home also build yourself a site in a few hours, it is so easy. For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.
Featured Event of the Month June: Open Office
Open office is a free alternate software to MS Office. Why spending houndreds of Dollars when you can get it for free. You easily download the package of programs that includes alternatives to Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Access. The programs feel and act almost identical, so no new stuff is to learn just improve on what you know already. Joann Fruchione, the instructor, will give you an overview of the programs that the visitor might find useful. For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.
June 30, 7pm, Simple Start from Quickbooks
Quickbooks is a commonly used book keeping software for small and medium sized businesses. What is barely known is the a simplified version is available for free. Even this simplified version is quite a capable software to run a small business or house hold, it handles the invoicing, receivables, writes the checks, balance the check book and makes your reports for the tax man. The lecturer Pat Turek is a professional bookkeeper and will answer questions as they are posed.For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.
June 9, 10am Capture and Edit Video, burn DVDs
Do you have boxes and boxes of video tapes? Digital or analog in this lecture class you will see how this material can be captured, edited and burned onto DVDs. so this precious footage can be saved for years to come. You will see how clips can be partially deleted, music added, titles and credits inserted and much more. A class for fun. For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.



Coming Monday, May 19, from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm, Dennis Carmer will hold a lecture class on E-Sword.  This is a FREE bible research program. Dennis will show how to download bibles, commentators and dictionaries of many choices as well as how to navigate the maze of information and translations. This class is of interest not only for religious persons but anybody interested in history or literature. For information call (352) 592-0070 or visit

Ethan Pollitt

Ethan Pollitt, a very young man from Spring Hill, was a recent guest speaker at the Hernando Computer Club’s monthly feature, “The Best of Free Software”. At this lecture class several interesting software programs were presented at the well attended event. Joann Frucchioni gave an overview of Open Office, a free alternative to MS Office, and Clint Pollitt spoke about Linux, a free Operating System.  The Club’s Education Director, Brigitte Haag, assembled the topics and presented programs like Audacity, Log Me In, Simple Start by Quickbooks, MS Office Life free Websites, Google’s Picasa and more. The most entertaining presentation, though, was given by Ethan. He explained and demonstrated ooVoo, a program that allows video chatting with up to six persons simultaneously. While on the demo PC he invited other participants sitting in the audience to video chat with him using their laptops. 

Ethan is a gifted teenager, schooled at home by his parents. His technical interests were triggered early in life by his father, a Systems Analyst with IBM.  Ethan is an applicant to the Bright Futures program, a state-wide high school scholarship program. He needs to show excellent SAT scores, a high Grade Point average and proof of Community Service to receive a four year college scholarship. When evaluating his choices for community service, he and his dad decided to invest their time at the Hernando Computer Club. At the club both of them are volunteers for all kinds of activities, from coffee making to lecturing and instructing. Soon Ethan will be the lead instructor in a Hand-On Class covering YouTube, MySpace, Blogging and more. For more information please visit or call (352) 592-0070.

HCC helps Boys and Girls Club

Joshua Kelly, the Boys and Girls Club's new manager, evaluated the club's Computerlab equipment and found that the lab PCs needed work. He contacted the Hernando Computer Club and asked for help. The Computer Club's Techies visited the the club, examined the equipment and suggested reformatting the hard drives and adding RAM. The picture shows Mike Sexton, Wolfgang Steinberger and Ron Purkhiser working on installing software on one of the lab PCs.



Gray Alexander, new instructor

Gray Alexander joined the ranks of volunteer instructors at the Hernando Computer Club. He holds degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering, which do not really provide the knowledge and skill needed for instructing at the Club. As an enthusiastic member of the Club he had taken many classes, from learning the hardware in "Build Your OwnComputer" and "Repair and Refurbish" to many software classes. His love for all things computer grew steadily and he felt he would like to give something back to the club. He teaches introduction to Windows XP, which is one of the most important classes for the club, because if the member enjoys these introductory lessons, he/she will be interested in taking more classes after learning the basics.

The photo shows Gray Alexander looking into the camera, Jim Rogers, Senior Instructor sitting at PC, and other Club members Tom Bjorkman and Mike Vazquez



Press Release:

The Best of Free Software

The May featured lecture, May 5, 7pm, is about software that is free and can be downloaded and used by anybody. In this lecture you get to take a peak how Linux looks, how free Open Office compares to MS Office. You will see how you can log into your own PC at home while vacationing in the Bahamas. You explore MS PowerToys, Web Mail, photo browsing programs, fly with Google Earth, do your books and manipulate music, video conference with 4 people at the same time. See how to convert everything into anything, and create the most amazing photo albums. Call the Club for info (352) 592-0070 or visit


Record Setting Hernando Computer Club

The word is getting around about the Hernando Computer Club.  There has been record breaking membership growth with more lecture and Hands On classes offered than ever.  The recent monthly membership meeting was attended by over 150 members and guests.  The speaker, Gene Barlow, commented that he was amazed at the size of the crowd attending his lecture.  The only larger crowd he has seen in Florida was at the Sarasota-Bradenton Computer Club meeting, which is Florida’s largest computer club.  Gene gives informative sales presentations about computer related items at computer clubs all over the United States.  The Hernando Computer Club now is one of Florida’s largest computer clubs.  This success is due to the current hard working Board, under the leadership of Don Karslake, the great volunteers and a group of 19 dedicated instructors.

Four of the club’s instructors went to Zephyrhills, where the Florida Association of Computer User Groups (F.A.C.U.G.) held its Spring Conference.  Not only did they participate in the various planned events, but they lectured to instructors from 32 other Florida computer clubs. This was the largest group of presenters of any club at the conference. Brigitte Haag, Hernando Computer Club’s Education Director got the highest marks of all presenters at the event.

Check out what the club has to offer to everyone, beginning or advanced computer user.  Call 352-592-0070 of visit




How to put emergency information on a Flash drive

How to Put Emergency Information on a Flash Drive

April 14 and 16 at 1pm the Hernando Computer Club invites the public to come to the club to learn how to put your life saving medical information onto a Flash Drive. Membership is not required and there are no fees. This demonstration is presented by Ron Purkhiser, facility director and instructor at the club, so that everyone who understands the importance of this can take advantage of the opportunity to see how it can be done.

Why would this be important? Recently an evening at the club was dedicated to the use of Flash Drives, also called Thumb drives, for storing medical and asset documentations. Imagine carrying a flash drive on your key chain that contains your name, medication, and other emergency information, that can be retrieved by medical personnel and that provides life saving information. Doctor Natasha Haag, an Internist in Bethesda Maryland explained, that deaths occur when unconscious people receive the wrong medication due to lack of information. Just knowing the medication a person takes is of utmost importance for successful emergency treatment.

The picture features the speaker of the evening Pam Harris, Hernando County Emergency Planner. She gave a lively presentation in Emergency Preparedness. Chris Kingsley, County Commissioner, member of the club, attended the event and said that he will support the use of Flash Drives by conveying the idea to the County’s Fire Departments and First Responders.

For information cal the Club 352-592-0070 or visit


Family Tree Maker
On April 2, at 7pm, the Hernando Computer Club is introducing now a monthly feature that is held on a Wednesday to accomodate everybody who cannot come on a Mondays.
The subject is new for the Club. Charleen Lafferty will present a lecture on The Family Tree Maker. A program that makes is easy to discover, perserve and share your family history. You can built a tree with names, dates, puictures, events, audio and video files and much more. Many template create beautiful ancestry maps. The same subject is also offered as Hands-On Class. Please call the Club at (352) 592-0070 or visit for information


Press Release

The Florida Association of Computer User Groups recently held its Spring Conference in Zephyrhills. Over 30 of Florida's computer clubs sent delegates to this seminar so that  leaders and instructors of such clubs can further their skill and knowledge over a wide variety of topics. The Hernando Computer Club made a stong showing. Ron Purkhiser, Mike and Nacy Sexton and Brigitte Haag not only attended  the event to learn about their fields, they were actually asked to come and hold lectures in the following subjects: PowerPoint, GPS, Windows Vista, Computer Basics. The word obviously got around that our Hernando County club has excellent instructors. All 4 were very well received and felt good to show off their club and contribute to the richness of this event.

How a Flash Drive Can Save Your Life

The Hernando Computer Club is holding a lecture March 24 at 7 PM about using a Flash Drive, attached to your key chain, to store your vital medical information.  This might well be the club’s most important lecture of the year.  The subject has already received attention from the press and county officials. An interview with Don Karslake, the club’s president, recently aired on Channel 9. Pam Harris, the County’s Emergency Planner, will be one of the keynote speakers for the evening discussing emergency preparedness.

It has long been known that in case of health emergencies, paramedics, doctors and hospitals need life saving information about your health and they need it right away. What allergies do you have? What medication are you taking? Who is your primary doctor?  Who should be notified if you are in an accident?  The “File of Life” project has been in existence for quite some time. It is a piece of paper containing just such information which is placed in a red plastic pouch and attached to your refrigerator door with a magnet. A copy is carried in your wallet.

The Hernando Computer Club wants to take this idea a step further and suggests storing this information on a Flash Drive that will be attached to your key chain. During the evening, Ron Purkhiser will demonstrate how this can be done. Two follow-up meetings are scheduled, where members and the public are invited to come to the club to learn and practice placing files on a Flash Drive, free of charge.

Another topic that will be covered is how proper asset documentation can save you thousands of dollars in case of emergency when dealing with the insurance claim forms.  This information can also be placed on a Flash Drive; easy to take with if you must evacuate your home.

Please visit the club’s Website to see the interview by Ferdinand Zogbaum.   Schedules and other information: or call  (352) 592-0070.


Perfect Backup Approach
Making regular backups of your computer’s hard drive is the most important thing you should do to protect and maintain your computer. Without a good backup in place, you will "loose" your important data files and your computer will not run properly after a hard drive failure. With a good backup, you can be back up and running again in minutes with all of your important files in place after your hard drive fails. Backup technology has improved significantly in the past few years, so that it is much easier to do backups today than a couple of years ago. Using the latest technology will give you the best backups and be the easiest to do.
Our presentation this month covers the best backup approach to use to do your backups. You will find out what is the best hardware media to use to save your backups on. Then you will see the best backup software available today to do backups and what backup approach works best using that software. You will also learn how often you need to do backups and how to automate your backups so that you don’t have to think about them.
Next, you will see how easy it is to recover one or more files from your backup media and how to get them back to your main hard drive. You will also learn the steps to restore your entire hard drive in case your main hard drive crashes. A backup is no good if you can’t easily restore your lost files and hard drive. Knowing how to properly restore a backup is very important to understand.
Finally, the presenter will explore with you a couple of the more advanced backup considerations. One approach shows you how to set up a separate data partition in which to store your personal data files. He will also discuss the advantages of having local and remote backups to protect your system in all situations. Understanding these more advanced backup considerations will make sure your backups are the best possible for your needs.
Our presenter is Gene Barlow. He is a very knowledgeable individual on the many backup approaches available to PC users today and can tell you which way is best for you. He is an excellent and easy to understand speaker and can reach all levels of users – novice through advanced users. You will find him an interesting and entertaining speaker as well. You won’t want to miss this important presentation to your group on the Perfect Backup Approach.




Hernando Computer Club donates a PC to the High Point Computer Club

At the February member meeting the club had a special surprise for Charleen Lafferty. Charleen is a volunteer instructor at the club that holds lecture as well as Hands-on classes in a variety of subjects like Print Shop, Genealogy, Brain Games, Travel Planning, Windows Basics, Web Site Creation. She was a Kindergarten teacher and also trained fellow teachers in computer use for many years. But this is not all, as resident of the High Point community she discovered a need and took the initiative to start a community computer club there. She offeres weekly “Surfing Seniors” sessions and twice a month Basic Computer Use classes. The need for instruction is only one component of club activities. The other important fact is the there are computers needed. Working with donated machines that are quite old has limited her possibilities, especially after the community installed wireless Internet Access. She needs machines that can run at least Windows XP.
Recently a resident of the Heather called the Hernando Computer Club and donated such a computer. Ron Purkhiser the Club’s Facilites Director with his Techie team, reformatted the hard drive, fixed a few things and was contemplating who would be a recipient of this donation. The choice fell on Charleen. Her computer club serves her community and therefore this machine will be of use by many people. All in all a win-win situation. If anybody considers donating a computer, it must be an XP capable PC in working condition.

For information call the Hernando Computer Club at (352) 592-0070 or visit




Hernando Computer Club receives Certificate of Appreciation

Most Hernando County citizens are familiar with ARC Nature Coast, Hernando County’s Association for Retarded Citizens, an organization that provides highly individualized support to individuals and their families to aid them in achieving optimum personal outcomes. The Hernando Computer Club reaches out into the community by asking its volunteer instructors to visit and teach at the local Arc Centers. Ron Purkhiser, Mike and Nancy Sexton have spent time in Spring Hill and Brooksville Centers to demonstrate the many uses for computers for a variety of entertaining activities. Recently at the occasion of a formal dinner, Ron Purkhiser received this certificate that expressed appreciation to the Hernando Computer Club for its efforts. (not delivered)


Attention New SIG

What is a SIG again??? It means Special Interest Group. These are meetings where people of common interest come together to discuss their favorite subject. In the digital imaging SIG (First Monday 7pm), most participants share some photos they have recently taken, or tell how they fixed some less than perfect photos, or enjoy a little 10 minute mini-lecture by the facilitator.

Another SIG is devoted to Genealogy (First Monday 1pm). This is a get together of people who enjoy researching their ancestry. There is so much to learn and so much to share. Teresa Rose, the SIG facilitator, has done substantial research in this field and has a lot of know-how to share. She is the current Secretary for the Hernando County Genealogy Society and a participant in the West Hernando Library Genealogy SIG. Brigitte – do they call their meeting a SIG or something else.  We should call it what they call it.
 The newest Hernando Computer Club SIG is scheduled for February 18 at 1pm. It is all about building Websites. Many members have taken Website Creation hands-on classes, but when getting ready to assemble their first Web site, a lot of questions come up and they find areas where they’re just not sure how to proceed. If you are working on your Website, come in and we will help you with your site. Please call the Club (352) 592-0070, or Brigitte, 686 0750, if you want to come and take advantage of two hours of help with your Website problems. Imagine, if call and join the club and become part of this new Website SIG, you are practically getting a private lesson. If you have already done a Website, come and share with us what you did.

SIGs are for members only and, if you’re not already a member, you can join the Club at any SIG meeting.  SIG’s are $3 per meeting.  Just drop in on Genealogy or Digital Imaging, but please call if you want to come to the Website SIG. See you there.

Brigitte Haag, Education Director




Monday, January 28, 7 PM, the Hernando Computer Club will present its monthly featured event: How to create a radiant Newsletter with MS Publisher! Almost every club or organization publishes a newsletter, and someone of that group’s volunteers takes on the project.  It can be quite a challenging task, because not only can the assembly of the Newsletter content be a tough job, but overcoming the software hurdles to create a pleasing document also requires some knowledge. The Hernando Computer Club wants to be helpful and is presenting a lecture on using MS Publisher program for this task. A Newsletter will be produced, starting from scratch, by setting up the pages, followed by how to insert text boxes, pictures and graphics, and how to make the pages vibrant by adding images and color to backgrounds and outlines. The many ways on how to get the project printed will also be discussed. The evening lecture promises to be not only informative but also entertaining. For information call 352-592-0070 or go

The Hernando Computer Club has so many new members that it becomes a challenge to explain to all of them how things work in the club, how to get into the hands-on classes, what Special Interest Groups are, and how much the lecture classes cost. So the Education Director, Brigitte Haag, had the idea to invite new members to a Newcomer Welcome event. There were 45 people who responded to the written invitation. They heard the instructors tell about their extensive backgrounds; they heard how the club works and the many activities they can participate in; they visited the lab with its brand new computers that can run on XP as well as Vista. They met their fellow newcomers, but best of all they got to enjoy a lavish breakfast put on by the enthusiastic new Directors: Jean Hook, Nancy and Mike Sexton. Check out the club on its Website, or call (352) 592-0070 for more information.

Computer Club’s Largest Event Coming

 Preparations for the Hernando Computer Club’s most important and largest event are in full swing. It is Expo 07,  the Club’s open house, happening October 15,  from 5  to 9 p.m.  The public is invited to come and check out what the Club has to offer. Visit us at the Shriner's Club Bldg., 13400 Montour St., (off Sunshine Grove Rd.), Brooksville. It is free to all.   Volunteers are working hard to make this showcase a success. There are greeters who will smile at you when you enter and answer your questions, registrars who sign up new members, the manager of coffee and refreshments who will offer free refreshments, plus the many instructors and computer users like yourself.   Most of the Club's eighteen instructors will be present and  available to show what classes the Club has to offer.  The Club is fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteer instructors, some are retired school teachers, many trained professionally as business people.. There are programmers, networking specialists, consulting business owners, web site designers, photographers and highly-trained technicians. As varied as are the backgrounds of our instructions, that faceted are the variety of classes. Introduction to Windows XP and the very new Vista Operating System, Microsoft Office programs like Word, Power Point, Excel, Graphics, Web Site Creation, Video Editing, Video Chatting, Print Shop,  and Genealogy. For the  photographer, the club offers Adobe Photoshop, Slide Show Creating and much more. See our web site at  Many subjects are represented at the  table displays. The instructors will demonstrate their subject and answer any of your questions. It  will be a fun night out, and it’s free -- it is informative! The enthusiasm is contagious. There is even detailed instruction not only how to repair and maintain your computer but also how to build one from scratch. Five new state-of-the-art computers  being built by the Club Techies for the Hands-on lab will also be on display.. So we invite you to come and  enjoy the exhibits. Membership openings will be available so visit our tables, have a snack, enjoy yourself, and sit down and  talk to our registrars about the cost of membership and individual classes.  Please call (352) 592-0070 for directions and any questions you may have.

The Hernando Computer Club is always looking for opportunities to do good things for the community.  In the past, the techies assembled PCs from used donated equipment and provided thousands of dollars worth of computers to various charitable organizations.  Currently the Club’s greatest assets are its volunteer instructors.  Most Hernando County citizens are familiar with ARC Nature Coast, Hernando County’s Association for Retarded Citizens, an organization that provides highly individualized support to individuals and their families to aid them in achieving optimum personal outcomes. When the Club heard that ARC would welcome one of our instructors, Ron Purkhiser did not think twice and went to offer free instruction in basic computer use.  Debbie Bruce and Debbie Weaters, coaches at the center, were delighted with the response of the customers and asked him to come back.

As a latest project, he used digital images that were taken at the organization’s recent talent show and created a stunning slide show, with fun transitions and music, to the delight of the group.  A CD was burned and now the talented participants as well as the spectators can enjoy the show again and again. A win-win situation where all involved are happy and satisfied.  The Center has asked Ron to come again for two more sessions next month.

Hernando Computer Club is looking for other organizations to host free guest lectures on computer use.  Please contact the Club’s Education Department, 686-0750, and visit for information.


Caption to photo:
Ron Purkhiser of the Hernando Computer Club in the middle and clients: Richard Michaud, Bonna Kunkel, Craig Crosby, Tanya Shaw, Mary Klepeki, standing up coaches Debbie Bruce and Debbie Weathers

Quickbooks, Featured lecture event of November

The Hernando Computer Club strives to provide training in subjects that the membership requires. Several inquiries had been made for information on a program named Quickbooks. This is an accounting software that helps to track your banking account acivities and Credit Cards. It is also a simple way to start manage the financial side of your business. Come to this lecture, Monday November 26, 7pm,  and see how QuickBooks makes it easy to create invoices, track sales and expenses, print checks,  automates your payroll activities. If wanted it also keeps track of your inventory, times purchase of supply and much more. The best part of using an accounting software is that at the end of the year, you print a few reports and you are all set for your CPA.  The lecture will demonstate how helpful your computer can be in letting you see how you are doing privately or in business.



New Vista capable PCs in time for the Club EXPO

The pressure is building up for the Hernando Computer Club to provide Hand-On training for Windows Vista and the new updated Vista ready programs like the new MS Office 7. For months now Vic Symonds offers lecture classes on various aspects of the new Vista Operating System every month and these became the most visited lectures lately. The Club even is holding already Hands-On-Your-own-Laptop classes in the Lab lead by Ron Purkhiser. But still, nothing is as effective as the Hands-On Class operating on the same software to learn something new.

Although the existing lab computers recently got a bunch more RAMs, so they could handle high end photo manipulation with Adobe Photoshop and Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Elements, still they are not capable enough to handle the new Vista.

So the Club now will have built 5 very capable new PCs in time for the upcoming Club EXPO on October 15. Vic Symonds and his Techies, Wolfgang Steinberger, Jim Rogers and John Hectus will in assembly style work create this new technological wonders. From Fire Wire, DVD Writers, to Card Readers, these machines will feature all the bells and whistles. They will run on Windows XP as well as Windows Vista just as needed.
All the photography enthusiasts will be able to put their own cameras storing devices to use, and their newly acquired photo manipulation skills to work.

During the Expo on October 15, the instructors will have displays, where they show the subject they teach and are available to everybody with questions.



Intro to Vista

The featured Event for August is a lecture by Vic Symonds introducing Windows Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system. This is the software that enabled you to interact with your PC or Laptop.  If you buy a PC or laptop today most like Windows Vista will be installed. If you want to upgrade the machines you are using now to Vista go to the Microsoft Website and have your PC checked out if it is ready to handle the new software, and with programs might need updates so they function in Vista as you want them to function. Vic will introduce you to all the major changes and improvements. There are Benefits to using Vista, It is safer, more entertaining, better connected. What are the areas you see changes? Communication, Gaming, Music, TV and Movie, and Memory management.  All in all after you have attended the lecture you will be much better informed and prepared to know what you can expect from an upgrade or new PC.
The Hernando Computer Club provides lectures and Hands-On Classes in a wide variety of subjects. Please check the Club’s Website for the schedule.

Hernando Computer Club goes Wireless

At the recommendation of the Facilities director Ron Purkhiser, the Hernando Computer Club added a wireless network. The easy part was purchasing the router and the hard part is installing the addition to the existing hard wired network. Here came Dave Curtis, a Senior instructor and Techie with the Club, owner of Brooksville Computer, a networking company, and volunteered his time and expertise to install and proof the wireless system.

Several opportunities are opening up now for the Club.  New kinds of classes can now be held that are a middle thing between lecture and hands-on classes. Everybody who recently purchased a lab top most likely has to acquire new skill using Vista. No better place than coming to the Club and take Introduction to Vista. You bring your labtop to the lecture hall and Vic Symonds, the Club’s Vista specialist, will make exploring the new operation system a refreshing venture. Following the demonstration by doing on your own machine, what better way to learn is there.

There were concerns about the safety of wireless connections, but as it was explained recently by Steve Herzman an Internet Security specialist at a lecture class he held at the Club about Internet vulnerability, each router added to a network represents another level of additional security. Wireless networks are more secure than hard wired kind.

The Hernando Computer club is the place to learn everything about computers. The next featured event April 30, 7pm, is a lecture named: What you can find out about your Real Estate. An online guide of places you can go to find out everything you want to know about your and your neighbor’s home.

On Monday evening, June 4, the Hernando Computer Club enjoyed a social evening with the members which included a Chinese Auction along with a pot luck supper. The Hernando Computer Club, 13400 Montour St., Brooksville, usually filled with attentive members learning how to operate their computers, put aside their books and lessons on computers and had a wonderful evening socializing with each other. Although they are serious with their computer learning, they also enjoy some fun and games. There was entertainment for all provided by the talented quartet of men named Tom Russo, Pat Russo, Dennis Boff and Ed Gallaway. The auction was entertaining in itself as the numbers of winning tickets were called out for many items donated to the club, with individual computer lessons offered by the volunteer Instructors, and many donations of gift certificates by local merchants.  Please see the listing of these donors on the club's web site The club welcomes those users of computers to visit the general meetings, check out  the schedule and attend a lesson.  Many hands-on lessons are available where the members sit at computers fitted with all the up-to-date programs and learn the use of a computer program in a closed session with a few other members and two instructors. Getting this type of instruction makes the user more positive in one's approach to computers. A large selection of programs is available to members. The lessons are available mornings, afternoon and evenings -- see schedules. Directions to the club and schedules of both lecture classes and hands-on classes may be located on the web site, or phone the club at 592-0070 with your inquiries.                                                                   ###PICTURE ENCLOSED:  One club member smiles as his number is called for a prize he had hoped to win.



What you can find out about your Real Estate


On April 30 at 7 p.m. the Hernando Computer Club, (Shriner's Bldg) 13400 Montour St., Brooksville, will hold its monthly featured event. Woody Marr, a Spring Hill Real Estate Professional, graciously offered to hold a lecture on how one can research facts about one’s home or investments. By putting himself in the shoes of a home owner, Woody will demonstrate how to navigate the many Web sites dedicated to provide information. Many sites just want your information, but others provide a wealth of information without any conditions. He will show how to find and navigate the Public Records of the County, where you can see who the previous owners were, how much they sold a house for, plot information, mortgage recorded, tax information, FEMA zoning and so much more. Other sites are dedicated to showing which houses are currently on the market in your immediate neighborhood and what the asking prices are. You also can find which homes around your property  sold recently and for what price. It never hurts to know what is going on. He will also touch on the subject how to shop for a good agent and why, if you really want to sell, it is more promising to list a house than doing it on your own. What is this Multiple Listing Service? How does it help you? He will give hints about mortgage shopping and much more interesting information.


Woody Marr has been in sales and sales management and training for over 33 years. He is known as a world class trainer and coach and has published a book entitled “Relationship Selling”. Woody and his wife are very successful  realtors with REMAX Advantage Realty in Hernando County. Living life to its fullest, he is an avid blue water sailor, master scuba diver, a frustrated golfer and really enjoys a backyard BBQ with friends!


Although this meeting is for club members, membership is still open for the month of April, and applications may be accepted that evening.  Please call 352-592-0070, or visit for more information and class schedules. The Hernando Computer Club's goal is to provide its members with low-cost training for everything computer related. The Club is run by volunteers who always strive to provide a wide variety of topics. The more volunteers who offer to be instructors,  the wider the variety. Wonderful lecture and hands-on classes are offered, from Introduction to Computers and Windows to Web site Creation, or Introduction to Vista.



Elections Held at the Hernando Computer Club

A new slate of Board members will be bringing the Hernando Computer Club into the New Year. New energy has been infused and big changes with challenges are in store for the club.
Don Karslake, the new President for 2007, has been working tirelessly to increase the membership all last year. Most new members were Beginners who sought help with the most basic subjects about using a computer. That’s why every month the Club offers a lecture named Introduction to Computers, as well as Basic Windows Hands-On classes. But now many new members are looking to learn very specific skills, like Power Point, Word, Website Construction, Advanced Digital Image Manipulation, and Graphic Design. The new Education Director, Brigitte Haag, will be expanding the Lecture Hall classes offered, as well as adding a whole variety of additional Hands-On classes. Please visit the Website at to see current schedules and also future preliminary schedules.  Ron Purkhiser, the new Facilities Director, will maintain club’s considerable inventory of equipment and oversee software purchases and updates with the help of his mentor, Wolfgang Steinberger, and the Saturday morning “Techies”.
The greatest challenge for the Club now is the upcoming introduction of “Vista”, Microsoft”s new, video-intensive operating system software. As Vic Symonds explained at the November meeting, where he held a demonstration of Vista, this new software requires hardware with a lot of “horsepower” to drive it properly. This software will include Internet Explorer V7.0 featuring improved printing capability, tabbed browsing, and on-board Search Engines like Google, the Windows Desktop Search feature, and Photo Gallery.  In the Vista Ultimate Version, the Windows Media Center is incorporated as an integral part of its system.
What does this means for the Club? It means new computers will have to be built by the Club’s Techies, led by Vic Symonds and Wolfgang Steinberger, that will be able to handle the new software. It will also enable the Club to teach hands-on video editing, which is in high demand.  One prototype, a super machine, has already been built and is being thoroughly tested right now.
Another challenge facing the Club now is raising the money for these new computers, which will bring the club to the forefront of technology. Fundraisers and other activities are planned.  One way to increase income is to offer more classes to its members, including afternoon hours for those who prefer not to drive in the dark. But in order to offer more classes, more volunteer instructors are needed. Anyone with computer skills may volunteer to instruct.  
At the business meeting in November, Treasurer Lorraine Backey asked all members to consider making a holiday donation to the Computer Fund.  Since the Hernando Computer Club is a charitable organization [(501 (c) 3)], the club will gladly provide a receipt as required by the IRS.  She kicked off the Computer Fund Donation drive by presenting her check for $500 to President John Lubertowicz at the December 5th Board Meeting.


EXPO planned by the Hernando Computer Club.
On Monday, October 9, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Hernando Computer Club will open its doors and invite the Public to come to see how this Club can provide an environment for learning, sharing knowledge and having computer fun. As in previous years, the members will present a variety of activities that are entertaining and informative. In the lecture hall several fifteen-minute mini-classes will be offered that let the visitor sample the various instructors and their styles, to whet the appetite for more. The strong focus is on Basic Computer Use and Basic Windows, but there will also be some fun things like slide show creation and more. On the main floor, in the meantime, will be exhibits about Digital Imaging, Creative Use of Graphics Software, Making Your Own Cards for Birthdays and other Events,  Surfing the Net, Building Your Own Computer, Digital Music Recording, Investing Basics, Digital Photography, all of which are offered throughout the year to Club members. The visitor can ask questions about the various activities in the club and get instant answers and even problem-solving suggestions.  In the refreshment area, Videos and Slide Shows, with all the bells and whistles, will be shown continuously.  These have been produced by members to showcase the fun side of the Club. There will also be door prizes.  All in all, it promises to be an interesting evening.  Come and join us at the Club’s location at the Hernando Shrine Club, 13400 Montour Street, Brooksville, FL. For directions or additional information check the club’s web site,, or phone 352-592-0070. (Brigitte Haag)


On Monday August 28 and Wednesday August 30 at 7:00 P.M., Vic Symonds, Education Director of The Hernando Computer Club, will be conducting a Training Course entitled "Microsoft PowerPoint".  PowerPoint is the primary Presentation tool used by Schools, Universities, Businesses, Industry, and the Government.  It is extremely powerful and serves as a great aid for any Presentation, Training Course, or Lecture that a person may have to give.  Each lecture will last two hours.
Along with showing one how to develop a Presentation using PowerPoint, he will also emphasize some "best practices" techniques that may help one  to get across the points that one is making.  He will also demonstrate some bad (distracting), techniques as well that will get one into trouble and cause one's  audience to walk away mumbling to themselves. 

This course is held at The Hernando County Shrine Club, 13400 Montour St., Brooksville, FL. A map is available at the Hernando Computer Club’s Web site,, or information can be obtained by calling (352) 592- 0700. Members will pay the usual lecture fee.  
We urge anyone using a computer for their business consider the Power- Point Presentation.  It is suggested that users read about the Club on the Web site and fill out the application for membership.  One might want to sponsor and encourage their employees to join the club, attend the lectures, and further improve their PowerPoint knowledge.   Members will be on hand to welcome anyone interested in joining the Club  (not only to learn PowerPoint but to take advantage of the many other educational opportunities on the Club’s schedule.)  (George Gilette)

Volunteer Breakfast at the Hernando Computer Club

John Lubertowicz, president of the Hernando Computer Club invited the Club’s volunteers for a fresh bagel breakfast, which was held the morning of July 10 at the clubhouse. There are many kinds of activities that the volunteers do to make the club work:. The Greeter, Registrar, Set-Up, and Coffee Personnel, are the largest group and perform the very important basic jobs. Then there are the technical staff taking care of the computer and equipment maintenance, further all the instructors who with enthusiasm teach there subjects on lecture and hands-on classes, facilitators of the various special interest groups and lastly the members who volunteer for the Board positions and take on responsibilities. Many of the volunteers came and enjoyed the generous breakfast donated by the president and chatted away as their job often does not allow when performing their duties. John gave an overview over the goings on of the club. In the following discussion Vic Symonds expressed the value of voluntarism and made everybody feel good about their efforts to further the good cause. Another major subject was the evaluation of the newly overhauled Web site. A computer club has resources in their teaching staff and this club has a technically advanced Web site with fun animation and plenty of information thanks to the effort of several caring volunteer specialists like Dave Curtis, Don Halloran, Ron Purkhiser, and the  Webmaster, Brigitte Haag.. The web site is Phone 352-592-0070The next upcoming event is “Excitement for your Screen” an overview of software available to create interactive animations and advanced video editing, which will be an entertaining evening. .On October 9, the public is invited to the Club’s  Free Open House which  will be held to inform the public what  a Computer Club can do for everybody. (Brigitte Haag)


Some people build castles with Lego blocks others enjoy assembling puzzles. Whether it be constructing model ships, embroidering or designing garden furniture the fascination with building and creating never ends. One member of the Hernando Computer Club, Paul Lutz, just recently experienced this satisfying feeling. With the guidance and instruction of knowledgeable and experienced Club "techies", Paul designed and built his own computer. Anticipating a "hit on his budget" Paul named the computer Armut (poverty in German) but fortunately due to rebates, bargains and careful comparison shopping for parts, this state was never attained. Armut is a very powerful machine with the latest bells and whistles. It is capable of editing hours of movies, storing thousands of pictures and playing the most elaborate games and doing just what he wants to do with it now and in the future  when modifications will be aided by his Design, Buy and Build handbooks.

Who is Paul Lutz? One might guess that he might have been a computer specialist. Actually, his careers in sales and university teaching did not expose him to any technical challenges of this nature. He tackled this project because it was a task he perceived and felt he had to do. In the process he began to understand the workings of computers and, most importantly,  he experienced the camaraderie and interaction with other computer friends. There were 16 people in the  Build Your Own Computer group, 14 of whom have completed their own custom PCs. Kathleen Back, for example, is thoroughly enjoying her own production, Ginger, whenever she boots it. And there are others such as "Ron Purkhiser who recently finished Skip, a very elaborate machine. Jim Roger has completed three. The first two ended up on the desks of his grandson and granddaughter so he then, for himself, had to build Queen. Vic Symonds, the creator and leader of the group, and facilitators Dave Curtis, Wolfgang Steinburger and John Hectus would not let Jim build the same computer three times so this very well designed computer has been another great learning experience for Jim.  

Come to the Hernando Computer Club and embark on such an adventure. It may take a few weeks or months or even a year - you set the pace, but the process is rewarding and the completion is extremely satisfying. And, when you're done you'll receive a Certificate of Completion at the General Monthly Meeting. The Computer Club is a fun place to go if you really want to learn what your computer can do for you. For a minimal investment you can join the Club and attend lecture and lab classes and also special interest groups. No computer knowledge is required. Classes range from basic to advanced. For more information call 592-0070 or visit the Club's website at  (Brigitte Haag)

Creating Slide Shows with Your PC

Did you ever spend a fortune to have a video made for a recent family event – birthday party, family reunion, vacation – with photos sliding by showing the fun, pleasant music playing the background, and a narrator explaining what’s happening? If you recently bought a computer that uses Windows XP, you will find a lovely little program in your machine called Windows Movie Maker.  This program enables everyone to create just such video footage. You might think it pretty intimidating to undertake such a venture, but this is where the Hernando Computer Club comes in handy.Almost every month the club offers a series of lecture classes called Introduction to Computer Basics.  These classes cater to people who are just getting started with computers.  This month, Jim Rogers, a senior instructor with the club, is teaching the very basics of computer use – what the mouse does, what the desktop is, how to open programs, how to organize your files in folders, etc. As a part of this class he asked fellow member, Ron Purkhiser, to give an overview of using the Windows Movie Maker video editing software. Ron has enjoyed taking photos for years and he stepped up to the plate to give a very informative demonstration.  Using pictures he had recently taken at a State Park, Ron showed how to drag photos onto the time line, add some fancy transitions from photo to photo, and add some soothing music.  It all seemed pretty easy to do.  Then he finalized his show and it was ready to go. His options?  He could e-mail it, place it onto a Web site, or simply burn a DVD that he could mail to family and friends to be played on their DVD player. The spectators gave a loud round of applause when Ron finished his presentation. They loved what they saw.

For video editing one can spend from $100 to $1,000 on software, but then again you can use this simple little program that comes with your computer. Join the Hernando Computer Club, attend the lecture classes, or sign up for the Hands-On classes in the lab.  Beginner or not, there is always something more to learn.  Anyone who enjoys a digital camera and a computer will love the club. (Brigitte Haag) For more information, contact us at 352-592-0070 or

Radiant Graphics at the Hernando Computer Club
A very special treat is this informal class session, with a program that explains how to make stunning graphics, create drawings from photos, create animation, and assemble collages of photos, fun text and clipart to dress up your stationary, your emails, your invitations and even your website, if you are ambitious. Photographs are improved, sunsets becomes brighter, shadows lighter, people look prettier... This program that instructor, Brigitte Haag, is introducing, not only makes the creation of all these graphics looks so easy, she also shows that actually it is easy. All one needs, is to be shown how to do it and this is one of the computer club’s purpose. This class has special entertaining value, because it’s so pleasurable to watch these colorful happenings. Radiant photos, colorful lettering, bright clipart is developing on the screen right in front of your eyes.
All volunteer instructors are qualified by their knowledge in the various programs. Brigitte Haag is a graphic artist whose specialization is the design of Web presentations. Originally trained as in educator with emphasis on mathematics, she has been working for many years as an artist, photographer and designer.  Her presentation is entertaining and informative.
Are you new to computers?...or are you an expert? There is always something to learn at the Hernando Computer Club.  Call  (352) 592-0070 or visit the club’s website at  for all upcoming events.
The volunteers of the Hernando Computer Club, located in the Shriner's Club Bldg., 13400 Montour St., Brooksville, are putting a lot of effort into informing and educating the general public. For the price of membership and a modest fee per lecture class, everybody can learn by watching the instructor explain the features of various programs, Popular subjects are Image Manipulation, Word Processing, Home Video Editing, and more. During Lecture classes, the instructor is working on his/her PC facing the group but focused on the monitor, while the large screen that's on the wall shows everything happening. Other special classes in our Lab introduce you to the very basics of using a computer, and many other commonly used programs, where each of five students works hands on at the club’s equipment with one or two instructors there to help.

Dave Curtis recently received recognition for his extensive volunteer work for the Hernando Computer Club.

He tirelessly teaches classes, maintains computers, and seems to be always there when help is needed. He acquired his extensive knowledge and experience first by graduating from the Chubb Technical Institute (which was located within 200 feet of the base in the World Trade Center) in the Spring of 2001 after majoring in Networking Engineering and Data Communications. He also completed training in Cisco (CCNA Certified) as well as training in PIX firewall and CCNP certification course work from InterCert Technical Institute in Manhattan in 2003.In his professional career he demonstrated his varied skills. At the Consortium for Worker’s Education under contract to the NYS Department of Labor he maintained almost 2000 computers on these networks, with close to 1,000 at the main headquarters in Manhattan where he installed and configured computers on the network, migrated user accounts, performed updates and network troubleshooting, as well as solved application and computer operating system issues for his share of the thousands of computers in one of several corporate office sites.  He was also employed as a Network Administrator at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.  Then came the call of his mother Helga Curtis, 85, a native of New York City who lives in Brooksville already for 24 years. She has a colorful work history ranging from writer to fashion designer is actively volunteering in the community. She teaches an art class for the county recreation department at Delta Woods and supports the East Hernando Library with her volunteer efforts there. So in 2004 Dave moved to Brooksville to be close to his mother. Dave today owns and operates Brooksville Computer.  He has installed and maintained network systems for many customers including various real estate firms, legal offices, medical offices, engineering firms, and such. He also provides Web hosting and Website services, a new skill he added after his customers requested support in this field as well.Dave’s outgoing personality is unusual for a network specialist, his people skill were developed early when he made his living tending and managing bars and restaurants, beginning with an assistant manager position in one of the Riese Brothers BOSS restaurants in NYC back in 1979.Volunteer work always was part of his life. When he was still living in Manhattan he performed volunteer work teaching computer skills to the blind at the Lighthouse for the Blind. Now here in Florida he has also taught computer with the Hernando Public Library system and has been asked by the director of the Hernando Library IT Department to teach at the West Hernando Library after they open their new branch library in West Hernando.  He was awarded twice last year by the Board of County Commissioners for his volunteer efforts with the Library system and with the Recreation Department working with children. Why do some people enjoy unpaid volunteer work, if they could concentrate all their effort on making money instead? He said he is trying to make a difference in the world and make himself a better human being. And then he simply finds instructing people enjoyable. Join the Computer Club there is always more to learn……. And Dave with many other volunteers will be there for you. (Brigitte Haag)