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Our 2019 Board of Directors

Front row from left: Roy Smith, Joann Frucchione, Rebecca Walker, Pat Turek, Debbie McCully, Pat Benedict, Dr. Cheryl Kelly, Pieter Trappenburg

Back row from left: Hollis Taylor, Pete McEntee, Dave Lemon, Ron Conkle, Bill Fisher, Ron Purkhiser, Keith Swango



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Amazon Firestick & Roku

Watching TV Without Cable

Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and More


  12:30 PM - Wednesday, March 20th

Let's Have Lunch!

A new social activity for members of HCC! This month we'll meet at Susie's Grill, 1252 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609. During lunch, we'll decide who will get our business next month. A great way to spend some time together and try out some different restaurants in the area. This activity will not always be the same day or week. We'll try different days so everyone gets a chance to come. Limited to first 20 people who sign up. Sign up by email ( ) before March 16. Include your name and email address. Keith will send a reminder email a few days before the lunch date. Everyone pays for their own meal. The restaurant will do separate checks

Our Next General Meeting

Monday, March 25th.

Doors open at 6pm for our Social Hour,

Refreshments and help with your computer and gadgets !

Meeting starts at 7pm.



HCC Annual Picnic

Date and Time: April 14th 2019 12p.m. To 3:30p.m. Rain or Shine

Location: Crews Lake Pavilion 1

Price: $10.00 per person

Games and food.

Tickets available at the Club

Click Here for a map


What's Coming Up At Our Club !


March 13 – Wednesday

10am – Getting Started With Your Computer (2of4), (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Using The Control Panel

This session expands on the basics for new computer users. This week, we will explore the Control Panel and learn how to set up your computer to accommodate your wants and needs Is the type too small and hard to read? Is your mouse too sensitive? We will learn how to fix those problems and others.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1pm - Photoshop Elements Hands On (2of4)
Instructor: Mich Morin

7pm – Linux Workshop, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
The Linux workshop is a working session for users to bring their questions and experiences to the group.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their computers with them for use in the workshop.  We are working with different subjects each week and expect to cover areas such as installation and administration, file systems, setting up servers (print, file, web, etc), using WINE and virtual machines, and other topics that the group is interested in.
Facilitator: Bob Liebl

March 14 – Thursday

10am – Copy & Create Music CDs, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
We will be copying music from a CD to our computers. You are encouraged to bring in your favorite CDs or we will have some on hand. We will show how to copy them to your computer. It can be any type of music that you prefer, country, rock, classical, etc. After the music is on your computer you can make your own CD's of just your favorite music.  No more pushing the "next track" button, because you don't care for some of the songs on the CD.  Your own CD will have just the music you love.
Instructors: Roy Smith and Ron Purkhiser

1pm – Netflix, Hulu, Youtube & More Hands On
Preregister / Prepay Class Fee $5 (1 session)
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

March 15 - Friday

Help using Windows operating system, email, MS Office, tablets and phones.
No PC problems (appt. needed for Saturday morning.)

March 16 - Saturday

1pm – NEW! Drone Workshop, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
In this first workshop, we will go over the rules for using drones. As moderator of this workshop, I would be interested in what make/models attendees have. We can field questions that will add to what areas the workshop can get into in the future
Facilitator: Daniel Morin

March 18 – Monday

10am – MEMBERS INPUT COMMITTEE (Members Invited), (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)

1pm – Computerized Sewing Workshop, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
The Computerized Sewing Workshop is comprised of people who share their love of
sewing and embroidery.  Each month a different technique or project is demonstrated by one of the members.  After the demo, all are encouraged to participate in a “Show and Tell” session to display and explain their latest creations.  Won't you join us?
Just drop in if you have an interest.
Moderator: Norma Winner

March 19 – Tuesday

10am – Windows 10 Hands On (3 of 4)
Instructor: Gray Alexander

10am – Chinese Brush Painting, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Come, enjoy a relaxing class of watercolor painting such as bamboo, plum blossoms, chrysanthemums and orchids. Every painting you create is your own masterpiece, one of a kind...

If you have watercolors, Chinese brush, and other tools, bring them with you.  If you do not have, come anyway.  We can provide the materials for you.

Instructor: Rebecca Walker

1pm – Genealogy Workshop, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
In the Genealogy Workshop, we usually start with everyone telling of their current genealogy research.  We all contribute suggestions  that could be used to further our research in a particular area; then one subject is covered that day with web sites that cover that particular subject shown on the computer.  Again it is an open class with everybody contributing & hopefully learning something new. Just drop in if you have an interest.
Facilitator: Bunny Ryczek

1pm – Using Your iPad, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Learn your way around the apps on your iPad. You can text, email and so much more. Be sure to bring along you Apple ID and password. Also, charge you iPad before the class.
Instructor: Pat Turek

March 20 – Wednesday

10am – Getting Started With Your Computer (3of4), (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Cut, Copy & Paste
In this session, you will learn how to copy and paste, which will enable you to copy anything you find on the internet and then save it in a file on your computer. Did you find a good recipe or maybe a joke that you would like to save. You will also learn how to make a new folder. Instructor: Norma Winner

1pm - Photoshop Elements Hands On (3of4)
Instructor: Mich Morin

1pm – Using Your Mac Computer, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Mac users can get together to discuss mac computers, help each other with using them and the software designed for them. Mac users who are not HCC members will be allowed to attend once as a guest ($3 fee), but after that must join the club to continue attending.
Facilitator: Ken Krueger

March 21 – Thursday

10am – Using Your Android Phone, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
There is a lot to know about the Android Phone if you are new to them - or thinking of getting one. It's much more than just a phone. There's a GPS built in to guide you where you are going, get your email, set up an appointment calendar with reminders, browse the internet, and so much more. We can help you learn your way around this wonderful device.
Instructor: Ross Schnarrenberger

10am – Internet Basics & Browsing, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Want to know the di?erence between the Internet and the Web? What about getting around a website? What's a browser? How do I save a “favorite”? What is a URL? What is a search engine?

Come to this class and you'll learn many terms regarding the internet; what they mean and how to use them. Learn to set a homepage and save favorites.


We will use the EDGE browser for this class. We will also discuss other browsers such as CHROME and FIREFOX.

Instructor: Keith Swango

1pm – Watch TV Without Cable, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
With cable tv bills soaring, there is an ever growing movement across the country to find other ways to watch tv – without cable!! Yes, it is possible for most of us. Some people have started using one of the new digital antennas for over the air transmissions.
Another way, is making use of your internet connection with a Smart TV or streaming device for your non-smart tv. You need a reliable high speed internet connection (at least 100 mbps) for best results.
There are services that will provide you with low cost (compared to cable) streaming of local and cable channels. Packages and prices vary. There are also a number of free services that won't give you local channels but a variety of content. Trial periods are available, and no contracts, so you can start and end services whenever you want.
Come join us in ‘Cutting the (cable) Cord”!!!
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

March 22 – Friday

Help using Windows operating system, email, MS Office, tablets and phones.
No PC problems (appt. needed for Saturday morning.)

March 25 – Monday

Social Hour 6 -7 pm
Meeting Starts 7pm

March 26 – Tuesday

10am – Crochet Workshop, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
A new experiment! A crochet workshop coming to the club. Beginners are welcome and experienced crocheters will show and tell their work. We browse the internet for ideas for a new project and help each other to get it going. We will have fun...
Facilitator Brigitte Haag

1pm – CRAFT OF THE MONTH: BRUSHO, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
powdered watercolor paints... we will learn how to use them and make some notecards )

March 27 – Wednesday

10am – Getting Started With Your Computer (4of4), (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
File and Folder Management & Maintenance For Your Computer
We will continue with new folders and explore file and folder management. This will help you organize your files and folders so that you can back up everything to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external hard drive.. Finally we will explore Computer Maintenance: how to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly.
Instructor: Norma Winner

1pm - Photoshop Elements Hands On (4of4)
Instructor: Mich Morin

1pm – Computer Maintenance & Security, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
PCs are complicated machines and they need weekly and monthly clean ups to keep them running at top efficiency. Using Windows and other clean up tools will be demonstrated and discussed along with Antivirus software and scanners with comparative data shown. Practices to reduce exposure to malware when using a browser and email will be discussed. These are important components of a package of tools and practices that help keep a computer healthy and running well.
Instructor: Gray Alexander

7pm – Make Your Computer Run Better, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
You can fix most sluggish performance issues in your laptop or PC yourself - for FREE!   And it's easier than you might think. Learn how in this class. We call it “getting the cob webs out”. You'll learn there's software available, most of which is FREE, to clear out those cobwebs. After the first time applying these software programs, most issues with poor performance, improve significantly. Do it yourself, with confidence.
Instructor: Dave Fetter

7pm – Linux: The Free Alternative to Windows, (Just drop-in, no pre-arrangements necessary!)
Linux is a FREE alternative to Windows for an operating system.  This Linux system has most all of the features of Windows, but with less problems.  Attend this lecture and learn all about the features and benefits.
Instructor: Bob Liebl

March 28 – Thursday

1pm - Roku / Firestick Hands On
Preregister/Prepay Class Fee: $5 – 1 session
Instructors: Pete McEntee & Joann Frucchione

March 29 – Friday

Help using Windows operating system, email, MS Office, tablets and phones.
No PC problems (appt. needed for Saturday morning.)





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